Friday, December 23, 2011


Alright. On my way to more job stuff. As I was ranting about issues of employment last night, (while ruining whatever semblance of holiday spirit my family could have held on to) I thought it would be prudent to write a quick sortie of an entry regarding issues of employment. I'll make it succinct, efficient, concise, and quick and to the point (which is what concise might mean, so I wrote the same thing twice just really annoyingly).

To whom ever came up with the idea of a cover letter, I send you a mighty and emotional punch to the face. How dare you. They are really annoying to write. I don't think people read them that much for how much effort you actually exert into writing them. They're just terrible.

My commentary might say that especially, in our troubled economic times, employers and H.R. people (H.R. stands for human rage as that is what one must feel like as they involve themselves in such a department), please be kind. Be thoughtful about the requirements you set up for individuals hoping to be employed  by you. When you ask a question that makes one feel like they have to radically change a cover letter, that requires a lot of work sometimes and hinders ones life progress. People need jobs in our society generally, to live.

Please take this consideration especially when you have an automatic reply upon sent in application stating "Due to the high volume of applicants, we might not be able to get back to you...". Obviously you want to have some process that gives you relevant information of all the people you'd want to have at an interview, but don't be tricky. When there is a 1 in 50 chance at most that I might get  hired for your position, maybe fairly assume that for an individual to potentially get employed I need to apply to 50 jobs. If it takes 3 hours to get all my crap together to apply to you versus 1 hour, well, you can do that, but it's not nice. Don't be a jerk.

Also, if you have your own specific application, I'm sure that's neat for you. However, when it asks you to fill out mostly the same information that's already on your resume that one struggled ever so mightily to ensure the proper level of formatting, do realize that it makes one potentially want to place a hex on your institution. Again, in society, one likes to be able to pay their rent and meet their basic needs. Please think best about how you can get your needed information while not creating barriers to employment when there are already so many right now.

I don't know how it should be done. I am no expert in this crap and why would anyone want to be? Alright this is becoming somewhat too scathing. Apologies.

Then there is the interview. Clearly, as semi-Bostonian coming of age in the 90's, this clip below exemplified the most important techniques in nailing the interview:

Even more so then the crap I am ranting about, we have a whole issues with the CORI process which I will slightly begin to dive into when I'm back from doing my H.R. stuff. This refers to the Criminal Offense Record Investigation that employers do.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Defeating Winter

Who Doesn't Want to Punch this Guy in the Face?

Winter is upon as I believe it's the month of December. Despite our freak 50 - 60 degree days, things will get cold as long we have some semblance of a regular climate  which I begin to think we kind of do in some nature. I thought it would be important to document my personal journey in trying to withstand the awful scourge of this dark and cold season, which has plagued New England at least since the 1920's. I'd also like to offer some general tips on how to keep your bodies, spirits, vitality and bodily fluids warm and energetic during such a period of terror.

Here are some hearty tips for the upcoming months. You'll be thanking me too when you're lacking in Scurvy and Dysentary. 

Winterize your House Physically and Emotionally 

Much like the zombie films in which lone survivors of humans must barricade the doors and windows to prevent the living dead from entering upon their homes, you too much barricade your house from the evil tendrils of the winter air.

-Seal up the windows with that plastic stuff real taught. Don't forget  the blow dryer to melt the double sided tape. 
-Use that weather stripping maybe.
-Put foam underneath major gaps in the doors and such. 
-You can clean your gutters as apparently this does something.
-Carpet your barren floors.
-Keep doors closed when leaving the house and leaving the heat on to some effect.
-Let light in during the day and trap it during the night time when it might otherwise leave  with SHADES!

If done right, you will be gloating in the opulence of your lessened utility bill as you imagine fat, dense  and racist molecules of cold air retreating at the might of your reinforced abode. 

Cook heartily, spicily and slowly I do say
Cooking a mighty pot roast or a chicken stir fry that is basically cooked for you while you carry about your business is an unparalleled boon on your chilled and darkened soul. Just drop the stuff in, put it on low or high depending on the meal, and it's as if magical spirits have prepared you a luscious feast upon your return. You'll definitely want to check out meals such as turkey chili. Making things as spicy as possible does even more to reinvigorate the spirits and heaten you up psychologically. The burning tells you your alive and also releases endorphins (your bodies natural pain killer) which gives you an added bounce to your existence.

Find Different forms of Exercise as one may do
The hateful cold of winter on everything warm, light and livable leaves you little opportunity to go for that jog you intend to go on after work. You can run outside in the dark with some extra layers but as we all know, the darkness gets scary. You'll have to contend with evil spirits and vicious fauna. No worries perchance. There are ways to keep your energies up somewhat creatively...

My boy Flynn from college recommend the P90X workout. Now just a little warning about Flynn: he's very talented, intelligent, affable, good humored and vivacious; so much so that we all are 1000% sure he's actually the Anti-Christ and we don't want to be around him (would you want to spend time with the anti-christ?). So he recommends P90X but would you want to do something the Anti-Christ is also doing? Hmm...

 Regardless, there are lots of other great video like workouts you can do with the space of a mere rug and maybe some weights. I also enjoy shoveling when I give it some time. If you want to feel like you're really defeating winter, what better way then to conquer the hordes of snow it bestows upon your driveway or street? Shoveling can be great exercise and I'd sometimes just shovel my street for fun, and for my conquerment of the elements. Just be careful that the crafty season does not pull out your back!!!

There are obviously gyms and then there are gyms that aren't terrible in nature like this one!!! 

Ensuring Winter doesn't get to Uppity Emotionally Speaking
This is a general tip that you New Englanders and fellow defeaters of winter might not know of. I find it very important, especially in the midst of a cold and weary day to verbally put winter in it's place. During my walk home from the T, I find it utterly crucial to "swear real good" at the vile climate and threaten it in different ways. I need to remind winter that if it even begins to to touch my sh*t, "I'll rip out it's icy gullet". This always keeps me feeling calmer knowing that winter is in check and I believe that if we collectively fend off winter in such a way as a city, it's powers will greatly weaken.

But yes, if you have a bad day, blame winter knowing that it's always meddling and give it a good bout of verbal abuse as you return home to your loved  ones.

It's in the nature of every winter creature to become more dormant during such of death. Winter birds spend less time out of their nests and squirrels spend time feasting upon the mighty bounty of acorns. Feel free to know that the climate not only makes it fine to be more sedentary,  but it might also necessitate this. So rather then going to out to all those clubs on the weekend, curl up with loved ones gently watching a wonderful cinematic film, playing a delightful board game, or continuing your chronicle into the world of The Wire while of course making graphic organizers to allow you to follow the plot threads and character development. 

This dormantation can allow you the needed rest to trudge through the misery the coming day. Be thoughtful about your moves much outside!

Watch Out for Winter's Poison Air!!!
After following the tips of sealing your home off from the outside cold and remaining more dormant, winter can play one of it's miserly moves by causing you to remain in such an un-ventilated house. It is thus vital that you ventilate your rooms for both your physical and emotional health. I can suggest two good methods, either by procuring a mighty humidifier or by developing your green thumb and planting and growing a foray of plants in your house thus infusing your home with the nature that you are subsequently robbed of. 

Plants Can Be a Useful Ally in the Battle Against Winter

These plants will release moisture through the air and can act as natural filters. I would suggest planting as many indoor house plants as soon as possible really. These plants not only can help your air but also make you happy in having another being present that meets the conditions for life. As you hydrate your plants, do remember to quench your own thirst with the practice of hydration! Winter's cold likes to fool you in drinking less water, but how can you begin to spit on February's army of snowmen if you have no liquid substrate in supply!?

Turning Your Sleeping Quarters into an Oasis of Light, Life and Hope
Improving the light conditions in your room is also important during the dark months which reminds  you sometimes of how Egypt felt during the time of the 10 plagues. Such Pestilence!!! A bright light can be acquired to give you that bounce in the morning needed to withstand January's onslaught. These lights aren't too expensive and you can start your morning reading your hearty news while eating your sturdy breakfast and having a light give you some of your needed strength for 30 minutes. This goes great with the plants I believe as they benefit from potential added ability to photosynthesize!!!

Definitely Correlated

Enjoying the Pretty of Nature
Though made exponentially more difficult, one can still venture forth into the outdoors and see some remaining survivors amongst the frigid holocaust. Upon entering into the world of nature during such a time, you might ask yourself, "What happened to the crickets, why do they chirp no more?". It's cause they're dead. "What about the buzzing of the bees?". They're dead too. "Why no butterflies gracefully flying?". DEAD or actually migrated to Mexico. "Why not even the gentle green leaves." Those green leaves are dead for good! Everythings dead.

However, everything is not dead, yet... The calm and serenityness of a winter evergreen forest can provide both hope and inspiration for us meager mortals. A hearty pine leaf lives on. Photography can still be an enjoyable endeavor most certainly, at the very least to document all the crimes against humanity winter commits. But yes do indeed, while dawning the finest down jackets, gloves and of course wool hats, go out and witness the beauty and calm that can still be present in a climate of destruction. 

Viewing a kind and gentle tree of pine can remind us that we too can survive winter

Coming Together
It is unfortunate that winter can cause us to forget about all the friendships forged during better times. However, winter is a time more then ever, where we need to come together, to enjoy and share the humanity, life and warmth that is so barren. It is a time where we need our joint energies to shovel out our snow drenched cities, towns and hamlets; to help our enterprises remain functional; to remind one another that although death is among us, we can still stand! Be ever so aware that winter will make you want to isolate yourself and to renig on your social contracts. Stand strong against such poisoned inclinations and have your neighbor over for a game of boggle, or check out a band at local nearby pub, or do carry on in watching the richness of the Wire but with friends who also might need to view such a series. Stand together or winter will surely win. 

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ghost Hunting

People seemed to enjoy my last whimsical entry about my pet rodent. Well mostly my mom. Others mentioned that perhaps instead of ranting about society and politics like I'm god's gift to this green Earth, that I could have more funny entries that were personal. HOGWASH I SAY! Well, actually it's kind of easier to write the funny stuff sometimes, and I do dislike effort... so year.

As a young lad growing up in New England, I was always intrigued and in awe of ghosts. My mom would take me to cemeteries as a kid after much pleading (yes cemeteries) where I would be decked in the finest of plastic battle ware ready to  make contact with and if necessary, battle ghosts. We might peer over the darkened cemetery for some time; adrenaline surging through my growing body until it got to be 10 minutes till my bed time at which point we would leave.  I loved the idea of ghosts and monsters growing up. I was always a fan of these guys. 

"Ghost Catchers:  Legend of Beauty"

Wait, these guys...

This yearning may have remained somewhat dormant until our newest roommate, E-dawg (Squigee's savior), entered himself upon our beleaguered household. E-dawg has had numerous bouts with the the mundane, the inane, and ghosts. He had lived in "haunted" areas and has had two ghost sightings. He has volumes of ghost related knowledge and inclinations in his lofty brain.

After quizzing my roommate with the right amount of skepticism (If ghosts are real then where do they go to take a dump? Take that!!!) the season of witching and ghoulashing bestowed itself upon us graciously. October that is. Edawgg stated that this would be a wonderful time of year to go Ghost Hunting for various metaphysical reasons, but also thats what everyone is doing all up in here.

We plotted our route through the lush neighborhood of Jamaica Plain that might have the appropriate historical conditions for ghosts and was somewhat isolated and wouldn't require much work. Our third roommate G-man, also decided that he would like to join us on our ghostly romp. We then took to gathering needed supplies.

"How many flame throwers shall each of us dawn?" I asked, after which I was reminded nicely about ghosts not having physical bodies.

"Well then how am I supposed  to punch them in the face?" which was met by sighs.

We collected flashlights and I brought my book of Psalms of course, with appropriate passages rehearsed. E-man stated that really we just needed the flashlights but I insisted that I be ready with the appropriate prayers to fend off various monster demons. I also brought my ninja turtle action figure as I just like those.

We tallied hoe to our local. E-man recorded entries into his cell phone so that we could play back any noises that we heard just like real scientists do when they collect data. We took to the trails of our site and stated in our way that we were just interested in venturing peacefully, intending to quell the murderous intentions of all those uppity spirits. E-man continued to assure me that most ghosts are peaceful usually, that they generally are trapped in some type of loop of some action that was significant to their existence (perhaps my ghost will look something like this).

As we ventured further on our search, the trees looked to be extra windy in the darkness. Branches seemed to grab at you like fingers hoping to cling to some other form of life. Perhaps they wanted a hug, or perhaps they were infested with the evil spirits that  were certainly lurking. The sky contrasted gently with the surrounding nature and the crunch of the fallen leaves and twigs (which I assumed were finger bones) became quite calming. It was peaceful.

Perhaps things were too peaceful and I started peering further, my eyes now well adjusted to the dark (as my vision is nothing but exemplary similarly to the Red-Tailed Hawk). I looked into the thickening woods thinking "hey mr. ghosty pants, where are you....?" while muttering incantations. E-Dawg was guiding us on-ward inviting spirits to make contact with us in some fashion; be it through touch, through a noise or through drinking a monster energy drink in our company. G man was gazing and conducting scientific analysis on some of the natural objects we were encountering: rocks for example. Perhaps he was seeing if they had been tainted and/ or eaten by ghosts.

Feeling something scratch at my shoulder, I violently backed up and turned toward my accosting ghost which was merely a branch of pine. I thanked  the pine tree for helping me keep my guard up, while my roommates snickered slightly. Suddenly I noticed some shifting of stuff. I quickly pointed this out to G-man who replied "those are shadows... our shadows... not a ghost."

 I had him check one more time and he restated his previous retort. I for one believe that his shadow hypothesis isn't completely falsiable. How can we test out and metaphysically determine if those moving dark shapes are shadows versus ghosts?

As we noticed the shapes follow along with our movement as they were our shadows, a deeper calm set over  us. We could see stars, some stars at least which is nice for Boston which is splattered with light. I for one think we don't need artificial light when we have the beauty of stars. I would certainly sacrifice night time livability to better be able to view the constellations. Most, if not all would agree with me. I wonder how many Ghosts haunt the rings of Saturn? We came upon a minor stream, which I could presume was the River Styx taking us into Hades. The contours of the land gently turned and twisted.

Ghosts, no ghosts or simply demon spawn, we were outside in the prettiness  of night. One usually thinks of the night as a time of death and pestilence.  Perhaps this is right, but I believe it to be also valid that  night is pretty. Seeing the calm of night, the shift in ecology, the adaptions that are taken by life, the calm encompassing a usually bustling scene; this is worth experiencing. I for one was feeling a bit pudgy and was happy to "feel the burn" as well. What a pleasant experience despite not connecting with the paranormal...

"F***,piece of Sh*%, where the f##k are the motherfuc$#ng ghosts... those bastards, I just wasted my godd** fuc**%* night. Piece of shi$, as% monkey!!!" I extolled, as we camly ventured home.

What a delightful evening.  A nice walk framed with a very nice task. Like getting homework to eat Reeses Peanut Butter Cups from a Biology teacher.

In thinking about ghosts I would pose it to any readers of this fine and hearty blog. What do you think of their existence? Have you experienced some type of ghostliness or is this all a bunch of holly cake? What might allow for ghosts?

Good night.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Re-up? Reup, wait. It's Reeup.

Alright, so I don't know how to spell things to begin with and lack some level of phonemic awareness. However this will be second entry about The Wire. The re-up is what happens when the drug dealers get their drugs significantly again in the show. It involves the prefix re, which I think means again and thus works for the title of my entry.

Another friend of mine (that's 3 now that I have) suggested that I shorten the length of my entries and add more pictures. I thought about how terrible my attention span is and realized this makes sense. These blogs could be much more comprehensible if shorter and would require less time out of the busy lives of all you readers. It's a fast paced, fragmented world out there and you gotta break most things up into tiny little pieces to make them accessible. It might mean less work for me too which is perfect as I don't like exerting effort! Brilliant and thank you.. In all seriousness, my friend, G-dog, was right as he always has been and I thank him for his insight.

Back to the Wire, which is also chopped up succinctly and efficiently into small cute scenes in order to incorporate an inordinate level of complexity and plot threads all going on simultaneously, I'd like to further discuss it's sheer brilliance, talk about some of the characters, and talk about what we can all learn and then talk about to our loving spouses at the dinner table.

Check this scene out...

What a brilliant three minutes and forty five seconds. They investigate the crime scene using complex tools and only use variations of the word "fuck". How could a dumb 20 something year old like myself not aspire to be like these two gentleman? Think about that. The Wire can be incredibly funny. The humor bursts out sometimes covertly but often more overtly. The actors always play it cool as they're cooler then you, me and probably Kurt Cobain.

Sometimes the humor is overshadowed by the slang (which you build an understanding for much like you do for that Shakespeare cat), or by the thick Baltimore accent that certain character's have, but its there and it's spectacular. Whether it's Bunk's one night stand towards the end of season one, McNulty's drinking binges, Bubs moves to procure his fix, or just watching Prez awkwardly exist and behave. Check out this scene below from season one (I'm so astounded I can upload video, this will be spectacular and another wonderful tool I can abuse for my own financial gain!!!)

Simon stated during the commentary on the season five disc "No one works harder then a junkie" and then you're blessed with this amazing clip. I was delightfully rewarded when re-watching this scene with my spectacular girlfriend. She likes the show too which is good as otherwise things might not work out. The scene is incredibly funny at first (unless your humorless and cold like a Dementor in the Harry Potter series) but very quickly becomes frightening for both us and Bubs. Bubs not only reacts with fear that he could have been killed, but probably with guilt that his actions caused a feud between the dealers leading towards a brutal exchange.

Much of the Wire is how it depicts much of the brutality that can go on in a city like Baltimore. We see a barrage of violence that whirls through the city, especially when feuds erupt for territory or pride between rival gangs. As the show carries on, you're introduced to an unprecedented amount of chilling violence that our characters are willing to carry out. You see characters lacking any semblance of human care or connection in some of the gangsters paralleled by politicians, lawyers, city contractors all willing to sell out for their own personal gain allowing many of the awful things occurring in the city to continue.

Most of the characters are very complex. Like life, no one's a perfect saint nor are many of the characters that you'd expect to all bad actually that bad. Many of the gangsters are not simply able to be empathized with, many are actually very like-able and good (Slim Charles for example). Simon's view as a police officer was that you had to understand these nuances and spend time working with the people on the street if you were to be effective as a cop. You see how easy it is, starting at a frighteningly young age, for kids and other individuals to be lured into gang life. There are very few options for these characters. Take a look at this scene for example where "the game", or the whole drug enterprise as it's called, that most of the characters are involved in and the major players are nicely summarized by one of very complex protagonists of season one as he teaches his crew how to play chess.

Alright, I can't seem to put this in a blog. This is an utter disaster and how dare this not begin to work. Here is the link and I assure you I will test it out to make sure that this brilliance is available to all you wonderful and sensible individuals.

All the characters have shades of grey, but as the show progresses you start to realize how amazing some of them are. Whether it's because they are termed "good police" or do something spectacular in an otherwise difficult setting, you often are left spellbound when you step back from the scene for a bit. As mentioned in the previous blog the, Wire is meant to educate us and looks at what happens when the various institutions we depend upon have some significant level of dysfunction. Whether it's the testing that dominate and detract from a school's ability to teach to students, the stats and numbers game that pressure the police department to not deal with murders in the first place as they might be unsolvable, or the continual amount of politics that influence and dictates the lives of many of the major characters with power, we are berated and horrified with policies and organizational behaviors that are unfair or illogical and devastating to the health of the city.

The characters that we love are the ones that see the ridiculousness for what it is and risk their careers and sometimes their life to try to do the right thing. We can this in Prez. When continually pressured to teach to the ELA test as math teacher, he has his kids do so only until all other teachers or administrators leave his room and quickly has his math lesson that he making headway with prepared. We can see this in Stringer when he makes his fateful decision in season three (for many possible motives) to go to Colvin in regards to the Gang ware between Avon and Marlo. Colvin likewise demonstrates this courage in his creation and his effort to sustain Hamsterdam unknown to Rawls and Commissioner Burrel. McNulty and Lester are your continual rebels. McNulty reminds you of an older Dennis the Menace in season two as he conducts a swath of various calculations to ensure that Baltimore Police are assigned to investigate the deaths of 13 girls by determining that their place of death fell within city boundaries.

 All of these acts involve risk and conscious effort to actually do the right thing. It is for this reason that this show has become a favorite of mine. It's been of comfort as many of us have entered the workforce as naive 20 somethings or rather and have had to deal with some of the dysfunctional behaviors that are sometimes systemic in places we are employed or involved with. There is way more someone could say and many important things I could add about this show. Let me stop here though as it's getting late. Thanks.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Wire

Alright so I've decided that I'd like to get up to 10 blog plosts at least. At this point I'm allowed to put my blog on some directory so more of yous get to visit my blog. Now I want to thank those who have put up with my drivel so far as there has been much of this. I'd especially like to thank all the hearty citizens from Russia that have come by. Perhaps I can write a blog about Putin, Kruschev or Vodka at some juncture and we can formulate a nice discussion. But thanks for viewing and apologies for the offensiveness and all the other shlock being thrown every which way like a monkey hurling their feces. I digress.

Writing five more entries seems like much work. As jowly a character that I am, I'm not always so much into putting effort into stuff. What I might do is that I'll have haiku's for each entries. Each entry will simply consist of a nice 17 syllable ensemble articulating things to talk about a lot. That'll be cheap and easy. Then you guys can come visit and more of you will come visit. You can click on my ad's that I'll have covering every single possible spot on the screen, and then I can start collecting and hoarding all the money which has been my intention from the beginning. Well, haiku rhymes with "hi poo"  which is fecal and I'm not in the mood for fecality today and thus will begin a new entry that will be too long for anyone's good.

Many folks (well just 1) have shown curiosity about the pictures I have at the top of each blog entry. These pictures are of course are from the hit show "The Wire" that was aired on HBO. This show was the best show that has ever been made and only a Nihilist could disagree. I'd thus like to write about it, offer some commentary, and talk about how this show influences most of the actions of my life in some way. Now, many bloggers have various writings about this show, so I'm really contributing nothing new to the on line discourse by having this entry. The show also ended in 2008 so you've probably moved on with your life by now. Mind you, I haven't moved on and I don't care about you, or your family, or your needs in terms of reading this. I'm going to provide my insights into this epic show which I hope to not sully too much in doing so.

I'm sorry, I do potentially care about you, and the family, and thanks for being here...

The show relates much to the writings of this blog as they're both about society. Lots of things can be about society, but the Wire is often about that and so is my blog. Thus there is a relevance in this entry. As I will conclude at the end of the entry, The Wire proves to be a historical, sociological and gastronomic masterpiece that provides an engaging array of historical fiction that can be used as an incredibly rich tool for learning in our cold, dark and boring world.

Everything is important when viewing this entity. The main focus, especially at season one is the the drug war that is carried out between the police and the drug dealers. The War on Drugs is the backdrop of the show and what the writers do intend to speak out against. The show might be seen as another "cop" show like NYPD blue or that Hill Street Blues show of the 80's, however, nothing can be further from the truth.

By episode four, you'll start to be introduced to a wide buffet of colorful and amazing characters. You'll start to crave the show, much like Bubs craves his heroin in such heroic form.  In essence the main character is the city of Baltimore. It's inhabitants and institutions make up it's various parts and personalities.

You'll meet the various police officers and gangsters that are often paralelled with one another. Mcnulty is paralleled to Stringer, Daniels to Avon I believe in season one. They do that for some literary reason that is too brilliant for me to understand. You'll meet Bubs, who though homeless and addicted to heroin is rich in personality, connections and is a very good person that the world continually dumps on. Then Omar will pop out of left field, always watching in the shadows, navigating the Urban environment patiently until the exact right moment when he can stick up a corner or stash house with a sawed off double barrelled shotgun, robbing gangsters and dealers of their cash, drugs and anything else valuable (while blowing out their knee cap wrathfully). Then as most of us know by now, he's not only one of the most badass characters in the show but also one of most homosexual. Well he's gay which they added on as an amazing twist and very nicely pull it off. The characters are all amazing which is amazing cause there are so many of them. Even minor characters leave their mark on your conscious through the series teaching us about something meaningful and insightful if we're willing to listen...

The show builds upon itself, exploring the various parts, workings and institutions that make this city (and many other major urban areas) function or not function. You're introduces to the port and the dock workers in season two led by union leader Frank Sobotka whose just so stressed by so many stressful things that the guy is crapping out ulcers the entire season. Season three adds the element of politics into the mix and you're introduced to Carcetti and his whorish ways. Season four looks at Urban Schools. You're introduced to four amazing young 8th graders struggling with the incredibly tough realities that the world hurls at them. The last seasons introduces us to the media and how it affects life in the city and how it is sustaining itself/ struggling as an instituion.

The writers meant it to be this way generally. With season three for example, the writers wanted to see how the politics affected the realities of inner city baltimore. How do the various well-intended, careless and self serving moves of mayors, city councillors, and their decions affect what goes on for the average citizen in Baltimore and the war on drugs? Season four (which might rip your heart out and demolish it with sadness after using it as an enema) focuses on how the major gangsters you meet got to be the way they are. How do the streets affect the kids growing up and coming of age in our Urban environment infused with poverty, drugs, and crime? Season five, looks at the forces of the media shaping the events of the city by putting the pressure on everyone else in power and often becoming the typical 21st century crappy media where people can say whatever they want and call it valid (much like I like to do... ha ha ha ha :-()  )

I might be getting this all wrong to by the way as I've watched some of the commentary on season five's disc but have failed to watch other season's commentary and have done myself nothing but an immense disservice by not giving the show enough of my complete and undivided time and attention.

What really makes The Wire even more astounding is that much of it is quite valid. Events in the show are based on events or people that the writers became familiar with in Baltimore. That being said, the writer Ed Burns was both a teacher and a cop in Baltimore and David Simon was a handsome journalist. They have an expertise of insight into these institutions and the others that The Wire looks at. As other publications have written about and I'm merely copying them in their ideas, The Wire is a lot of current history efficiently kneaded and twisted together into a fine German Pretzel. It's fiction, and there are definitely parts of it that are unrealistic but much of it is so incredibly realistic (I can verify some of this especially in season four with my dumb 20 years of life that I've had) that you can't do anything but learn an immense about important issues and questions and contract a hernia.

I'll come back to this later as I have to attend to some buisness (and yes sometimes I do have a semblance of some level of responsibility). Readers (which might merely be my boy K-dawg), share your thoughts on things if your so inclined to. Have you watched the Wire? What have you thought was so good about it? If you didn't like it, what flaws in your character allow for such a result to occur? If you could invite one of the characters over for a pot roast dinner, which character would you do that for?

Apologies again for the ridiculousness, please don't take my writings too seriously and thanks.