Sunday, March 4, 2012

Exemplars of Inspiration

Every morning one can awake. We can look upon the world with eyes that we have. But then we hear something about Rick Santorum and a state of some sort. Then we hear something about Rush Limbaugh calling someone a whore and getting in real big trouble. We go throughout the day being around people but not actually daring to utter a single phoneme to them as that would be socially unacceptable. It might be warm, which is nice, but then we're reminded of "climate change" and we know that the 60 degree days aren't supposed to occur in a New England winter and that we're all gonna die. Then perhaps one gets a hang nail. It hurts. We try to find nail clippers, but they're pretty impossible to find. Our room's are too messy. Our cars are too messy. Society is too messy. 

Things can seem bleak friends. Bleak indeed. Below are some videos and examples of media that in some convoluted way  can give us hope if we choose to allow them to. 

"The most important film of our time is Norwegian"
If the country of Norway can manage their troll problem, can't we manage our lives and communities as well? Surely this masterpiece will do nothing short of delivering a good jolt of hope to our beleaguered and weary spirits. Is this movie really serious? I hope so... I hope so indeed. 

"Look for the hope, its there, it just blends in!"
Where is the hope? We must do the hard looking...
Is there hope in the world? I'm not sure? Its hard to see... But wait!! There it is!! Oh look, now its over there! Sometimes we cant see what's in front of us because it's just hard to see. Like this damn deer I took a picture of, hope can camouflage with its surroundings. When things seem wretched, maybe just spend some time looking more closelier and hope will reveal.

What can a stupid frog teach us about hope? Maybe everything. Amphibians are fucking dumb as fucking shit we say to ourselves as we gently fall to sleep at night. Perhaps they are indeed. But maybe, just maybe, they aren't always as stupid as fuck. If this doofy fat fucking frog is able to build a canal releasing his developing brood of tadpoles into the stupid life-saving waters, maybe  we can confront out inner-fucking demons as a society. Maybe we too can build a shitty canal... A canal of hope and dreams or some shit...

We Must Hope to not Sink to These Depths
How many times have we seen this montage of Nic Cage clips? Many I bet. but perhaps we can keep looking again. One can be reminded that even when things seem bleak, they aren't as bleak as the essences that Old Man Cage offers us in his various performances. By no means has our existence (well hopefully not) gotten this bad and thus we can still hope and hope to dream! We still have further we can fall but why would we want to? Does it look like Nic Cage is having a good time in these movies? Perhaps we can be reminded that we must hope! We must hope so we don't end up captured  by an isle of pagan women that will sacrifice us for their crop of honey! 

This Fool is Actually Hopeful
Though I am by no means convinced   here (Peter Diamandis) is someone who is actually "optimistic" about the future. Now, I don't like being a negative nancy, but this guy is a bit too much of a positive-polly-four-fingers for my taste. However, here we can listen to his thoughts that he delivers somewhat longwindedly and inefficiently. Towards the end of his time, he even counters his own argument but actually seems to forget that he countered it and doesn't answer his own question! See what you think for yourself, hopefully and maybe if more of us chose to be a little bit more hopeful, hope would ensue. 

The Sexiest Hope of All
I might live under a cave but I still have been able to see this video from LMFAO - (LMAO). You know, I know and they know that the video below is really exploring the themes of community and self acceptance. Drawing influences from Boy Bands, R&B groups, West Side Story, Buddhism and the Clinton administration, it makes our hearts soar like a hot-air balloon shedding extra weight. What hope I say!!!

Packaged inspiration from Our Youth's
One can view the clip below and ask, "were there actually 40 inspirational speeches?". If you're me, you'll then try to count to make sure that Mathew Belinkie didn't falsify his claim. If you're also like me, you'll lose track somewhere before the number eight as that's when things get tricky. However, what hope it would bring us if we listened to these two minutes today and everyday? What would our time on this Earth be like? It would be like hope is what it would maybe be like...

Alright, this article, does much better job of doing what I intended to do with this atrocious blog entry. So rather than sully it by stealing it's images, I will just encourage the zero people that read this to piece of crap to go to this other entry that probably went "viral" or something.

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