Thursday, January 17, 2013

No Future? No Baby...

I'm a greedy man... Right now I don't want to produce children. Now apparently, I'm not alone in this sentiment. Much of my fellow Millennial don't want to have babies either. No Babies? Isn't this the purpose of life? Isn't this in our instincts... to have kids?

The fact that this notion of childlessness is surprising / intriguing to hoity-toighty journalists on Talk of the Nation produces rancorous ulcers in my gut. This idea of going childless makes sense and should not be that surprising .. y'all left the world the way it is, why in the name of Moses would I want to try to rear a child in it? 

A diagram of my gut when people are  shocked that I don't plan on having kids.
We might end up like Japan one day having  more 80+ folks then little tykes bouncing around. Social Security won't be the security it once was, our GDP will slow potentially and things might just get a bit smelly. Still, unless a lot of things happen in a short amount of time (and I'm not saying that it can't) then society is really not giving me much to work with in terms of confidence in a conducive environment that can support my brood!

Life sometimes reminds me more of death. Now obviously I should regret saying this but I'm heated. But really, do you see other people that much in modern day times? Do you talk a lot directly to other human beings? Sometimes? Or do you text.... do you go on Facebook... watch the latest Walking Dead/ Game of Thrones /Family Guy or that scantily youtube video, or your call of duty. Lord knows I do the latter more. It's hard to see people, but it's hard because our world has become one in which we're so privately transported  by the devices around us. This isn't healthy, and this trends robs us of the very essence of our nature as social creatures and that's not good for child development. Fucken angry birds... 

Valued contribution to civilization
Parenting now seems more like careening your child through one self-created pitfall after another and spending a lot of money and really worrying as you do it. You gotta spend money to get them into activities, they gotta be supervised (ALL THE TIME). Not from your neighbors though, you don't know them and they could be cannibals. Rather than embracing life and initiative you're trying to structure the hell out of them so they get into college. They'res not time much for play, they gotta have internships instead. They can't be left alone or they'll play call of duty or porn! Be careful of the woods, but don't let them get fat, watch out for soda! Now sports drinks! Now swimming pools! Oh my god, now teletubbies are dangerous! Parenting is perceived as a constant battle for time and space against the real and existential threats of the world that are what our world is made up mostly of now.

Real dangery!

Economically... I don't have that many practical skills. Life's gotten really expensive and kids are awfully expensive. Right now, when you're fortunate to have any sort of a full time job and the price of homes, health care and many foods are just high and rising, it's so financially unfeasible to have kids. College. Everyone who played a part in making higher education both very necessary but also extremely expensive should just go ahead and punch themselves in the face. THAT was good for everyone, thanks! I can't envision being able to afford kids or to be able to do a good job in affording the time needed to rear them well. 

Morally. Now this sounds weird, but because things have just gotten so bad in my very limited view, it is our responsibility to fix things. Personally, I'm certainly not always wonderful with this, but that being said I would not do as good of a job for the world if I had to be a parent of something I kinda made. The joy of it I heard is where this comes from in the sense that you're  whole perspective changes based on the sheer love and ecstasy you feel for  your little creature. The attention, time, energy and resources that you invest in your child are not going towards other things, like functioning infrastructure! We need that. My teacher friends who are succeeding as educators can't imagine doing so if they were parents based on the time each area of their lives necessitates. They have every right to be mothers (at least I think) but logically it's probably better for society that they choose to continue to excel in their professional role then produce another life, even if they do an excellent job raising it (which they would). The important contributions that we need to make aren't going to happen if we're parents, at least in the way parenting has  evolved in our culture. Adopting might be fine, but I can't make an argument for creating a life when billions of lives are in peril due to the global circumstances that we're facing. 

Would hit actor Ryan Gosling have time to do his needed work here if he had children? I think not...

...and then there's the climate. Now god bless you if you've persevered  in denying that our climate has been changing. Your real special like. I'm glad you could hold on to such a notion in the face of immense scientific empiricism and rational thought. Sadly, life doesn't exist as we imagine or  fantasize it, even if we hold on to or perpetuate this imagined view of realty for some potential political gain! Sorry. As a human, you need to drink fresh water and you can't live in salt water. The food we eat still needs to grow, and the crops we plant to get the food we eat still need water and a reasonable climate to function. When so much of our planet's ability to do these things are in jeopardy... I mean really,what the hell? Of course our generation should all simply just have kids and shoot for that white picket fence and just hope that it's not flooded with death! Jesus Christ I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. You can't happily grow old with grand-children if the human civilization has collapsed in the mean time. It just doesn't work that way. Yes kids can be fun, but the mounting ice caps that will raise  sea levels and drown them isn't! (well in all fairness that last sentence isn't really accurate in it's portrayal of what would really happen).

Thank god this came out and fixes everything!

I could go on, the fiscal cliff, economic disparity, consumerism, political dysfunction, MTV, Grover Norquist... etc. etc. But, please know that we have to do something about these issues. These issues, the global economy, the dehumanization of our modern world, the changing climate among all make for a pretty crappy world in my view to produce a kid in. And yes, maybe I will adopt one day if more young blood is needed in our graying American landscape to keep it youthful / vibrant, but we certainly as fuck need to make this a more functional society. And yes, I'm probably failing at "doin something" about this, when I often rarely know what it means to be doing something but I can still do better. Overall, we might be failing more then we're moving forward with fixing our civilization, but theoretically we can do this. We kind of have to. After that we can pop them out... you know.... if all of our parts still work. 

G norquist want's most of your parts...

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