Saturday, March 2, 2013

We're Mostly A Horses Ass

     In the post-industrial world we live in today, it's important to say to oneself that "I'm actually quite dumb compared to everything."
     This is important to do for many reasons but, it's crucial if we actually want to behave as constituents in our representative democracy. The reason for this is that too often we believe we have "the answer" to solve one of societies ills. This is in spite of us not possessing an expertise in finances, engineering, military, law or any of the other areas that we might be ostentatiously spewing our "informed opinions" like we're the goddamn holy grail.

     What we end up doing is trapping ourselves in a corner. With every problem that we're facing as a society; climate change, global terrorism and maybe a Nuclear Iran, educational disgust, abuses of all sorts, political corruption, homicide or suicide or just lacking enough space or water to support our global population, there are a multitude of solutions that are both possible and probably needed.

     What happens is that we all focus on our ideas to solve the problems (even though we might only know as much as a puddle of fucking bile in the respected field) and we become so heated and polarized to the point where our solution is the only possible one.

A lot to learn from here...
     Take the issue of gun control. First off, I don't think the issue itself is gun control, the issue is the level of gun-related deaths, both in homicide and suicide. Very quickly, the argument has evolved into one focusing on access to arms and the second amendment.

     One can find, first off that by far most gun-related  deaths are suicides and not homicides. One can learn about the level of guns already out there and questions as to whether we would actually take people's guns away. We can look at the level of violent images or media American children are exposed to and maybe even compare those with other countries. Hath one can then take note that the National Alliance  of the Mentally Ill (NAMI) recently gave the U.S. a whole actual "D" for our mental health system and think about how we support those who are dealing with acute mental illness.

     Gun control is part of the picture, as are the number of guns, but there are a multitude of other factors to explain just why we're so goddamn awful to one another and really just sometimes horrifying as a populace.

     What becomes important is to be able to concisely yet comprehensively understand and express the nature of a problem faced by you as a local in an area. Give that feedback to your representative, to your neighbor, to the experts in the respected fields that it relates to. Let them reconcile your feedback with their expertise and background knowledge (kinda like this economic setup)  of the whole situation and that will produce a much better  outcome then you pulling something out of your fat ass because your heated.

     Can you even begin to engineer a series of traffic lights in a town, or effectively make sure that the ones are already there are running probably? Probably fucking not, we just don't know enough! So why do we think we  have the "solution" to huge societal problems that are affected by a multitude of variables and then actually try to change things based on our stupid notions while not listening to the ideas of others who are  probably more capable?

Gonna get at ya'

     Know that you're basically pond scum in the big scheme of things. Compared to the complexity of issues we're faced  with today, you're essentially some neolithic, primordial creature that can barely detect  motion and produce your own body heat.  You're a Newt, you're ooze, and you shouldn't even begin to feel passionately about a specific agenda as you're probably just gonna be wrong in some way. Thus be open, listen, and focus  on understanding the problem rather than having the answer...

     Don't even look at me.