Friday, April 19, 2013

A Few Resources

Hi everyone. I just want to quickly put out a few resources that might be useful with the amount that we're dealing with as a city right now.
  • Riverside Community Care is a mental health organization that runs an after-trauma response program. They have a number of useful resources here that can be helpful for anyone. This is a general self-care check sheet that discusses some simple things to remember in the after-math of a crisis. It really emphasizes, maintaining social connections, sleeping regularly and promoting healthy routines but all things that are harder in the midst of a pretty harrowing event. Definitely check it out (here).
  • Two hotlines might be useful: The Disaster Distress hotline (1-800-985-5990) is staffed by trained counselors from a network of crisis call centers located across the U.S. They can give some counseling for people in an emotional crisis, tips for healthy coping or referrals. The Samaritans of Boston has a 24 hour helpline (877   870 - 4673) that is free and available for anyone to call. It's staffed by trained volunteers  who are there to listen and support anyone who is isolated, in a crisis or if they are having thoughts  of suicide. In the end, it's kind of like a professional venting service. It's extremely helpful for the times late at night, nobodies around and you have to talk things through. It's a great number to have if you have a friend you are  concerned about as well. It's confidential as well unless they become immediately concerned about your safety in a life or death type of way. This is the same idea but in an instant message chat. 
Probably many of you heard of the one fund. Red Line had a very wonderful deal for to by a three class pass for fifteen dollars (awesome deal) and has raised $1000 which will go to the Mass General Fund and the Red Cross. But I just wanted put in some articles that had some great resources for ways to help out and support those in the community affected by the attack on Monday. Apologies if they are a little dated.
  • Boston Marathon bombing: How to help mentions  a number of important ways to donate on top of some links for offering a place to stay, offering information to relevant authorities, to giving a blood donation,  to the Just get out there and run movement. Some of this might be a bit dated at this point but certainly still has some good ways to help which are crucial still I imagine.
  • This Yahoo article here mentions a movement to encourage random acts of kindness:  #26Acts2
  • Continue just to check in with folks. Asking people how they are doing and being ready to listen about any thoughts, feelings or reactions they have is very helpful. It's going to continue to be a lot to process and put together. I often loathe social media but I thought it was great as way for keeping people updated, posted and communicating.
 A few other nice things.
  • This article nicely explains how and why our hospitals were able to do such an amazing job treating those who were wounded on Monday. Some amazing doctors, nurses and medical staff that worked tirelessly  and critically planned ahead when news first broke out.
  • This time-lapse video of Yosemite (and SETI?) was kind of a nice breather.
  • Obama's speech at the memorial service today (or yesterday) was quite good.