Saturday, February 22, 2014

Let's Brew Together

There is a new coffee shop in town. What a surprise. I think there's probably a billion.
This coffee shop, Boston Brewin Coffee, located on 45 Bromfield St., is different though. It's small... real small. It's the size of maybe two big closets and there is certainly no real place to sit. You definitely can't horde it's table space and wi-fi treating it as an office. I think the coffee's real good, but to be honest, I could be drinking motor oil and might not know the difference (other Yelp reviews do high light the general satisfaction one can glean from consuming the coffee)

However, it's the feel and atmosphere that Tom Barnes' has created in this phenomenal institution that makes it so special. Unlike most of the city of Boston,  it's  incredibly friendly and welcoming. Tom and the rest of the staff make it a point to foster lovely conversations and establish a connection with you while you're there. They get to know you, they'll make it a point to make your day (one Yelp reviewer explains how they sang happy birthday to them on their birthday) and are just wonderfully nice and welcoming people. You even end up talking with the other customers just from being in there. That doesn't normally happen in this city.
It's part of I think a larger experience they try to create in their coffee shop which you can get a sense of from there "about us" page on their website here. They also are all good with the food they get and support other organizations like the Haley House Cafe by procuring their delicious pastries. 

Just Amazing Folks
So all of this seems like a Yelp review which you should write for them when you do go and have such a lovely experience. Largely though, it pertains to my usual rantings of the importance of contentedness in society. The type of interactions that you get at a place like Boston Brewin Coffee are needed. As social beings we need to be, well social.  I can rant further about the importance pf these conversations for civic action or for higher levels of well being, or to help stem an "epidemic of loneliness" in our country. Mainly though, I just want to highlight this wonderful coffee joint as something that we all can and should experience on a more regular basis... a short friendly interaction with someone you didn't know that is part of your community. That's something you won't find brewed up in just any cup of jo'. 

(sorry for the awful last sentence)