Sunday, March 23, 2014


Look, just as we move forward with things, the disparity of wealth that we have as many of us have heard continually blather about is insane. For people who are removed from it, it just means that there is so much under-investment in our infrastructure, our schools, our health care system and so many different areas of our society. We have more debt for the costs we do need to incur and more problems arise as there are more people who are struggling financially. It's not sustainable. In the globalized information age we are in, we can't have public institutions unravel and become inaccessible to so much of our population, when now more than ever, we need an adaptive, literate and competent workforce. An education is needed to be able to function, adequate access to food, health care and transportation is fundamental to everyone's ability to navigate the world we currently reside in. The tax rates that the wealthiest pay today and the loopholes that are utterly pervasive will only cause further neglect. Our tax rates today are ridiculous compared to many other developed countries and to previous eras in U.S. history that we deem successful. 

Having the disparity of wealth we have now is simply cancerous in countless ways but it's also just terrible for the functioning of our economy. Having a consumer economy where there is very little spending power doesn't allow for anything near optimized market performance. The few million people in the upper tiers of the income brackets cannot spend, invest or do enough to keep capital flowing through the rest of the economy compared to a society with a more broadly based distribution of wealth.

We need to do considerably more than we are all doing about this, but often it's hard to see a way out with people's attitudes and so much special interest influence in congress.