Sunday, April 27, 2014

I think it's Windier

Has it gotten windier? I think so, walk down some of the narrow, winding streets in the city, it's windy! Everyday is windy. Someday's I've had to better position my arms to be able to progress forward to make sure I'm more aerodynamic. Sources are not sure if it's climate related, or if it might be seasonal trends.

I've been mentioning this for awhile and there is some evidence:

"Despite large seasonal variations, the mean wind speed over the oceans hasn't changed much in the last two decades, the researchers report today in the journal Science. Speeds of the fastest winds, though, have risen by about half a percent each year, and heights of the biggest waves have risen by between a quarter and half a percent each year. Those trends have been strongest in the southern hemisphere (Discovery News 2011)."

It's problematic though for a number reasons. There will be bigger and more destructive storms when they do arise. More dangerous Hurricanes are becoming more prevalent. Also, I just think further issues of erosion and tougher agricultural conditions will be an issue. It's also just more of a pain in the ass as it always feels colder. 

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