Monday, April 21, 2014

Now That it's Spring Finally

Now that it's Spring, you can get outside  without a heavy jacket and simply walk around in a more care-free fashion without the fear that the wretched cold will soon descend upon your very being. People are out more and this is great! Embrace this change in environmental temperament.  

Good things to do as the weather changes!
  • Be nice to folks in your community around you. 
  • Engage with people around you. 
  • Say hello to strangers.
  • Talk with acquaintances.
  • Just get outside!
  • Volunteer!
  • Have a yard sale. 
  • Talk with and get to know folks at local businesses. 
  • Meet someone new.
  • Re-meet someone old! 
  • Explore some part of your town or neighborhood you haven't been to. 
  • Engage in a new organization or group. 
  • Learn more get involved in local government. 
  • Picnic it up
  • Help clean up a part of your street or yard.
  • Get the garden going
  • Make a bird-feeder.
  • Enjoy your local green space (when and if possible).
  • Support you local, state or national parks by using them (and not avoiding admission fees).
  • Check out a local museum.
  • Go to a local play. 
  • Partake in a  charity walk or run.
  • Get your writing or artistry on outside.
  • Help out a neighbor when relevant.
  • Get off the computer (lord knows I need to).
  • Smile a bit. 
  • Have a cookout.
  • Invite your people over for dinner.  
  • Do some outdoor photography, play a sport outside, notice the local flora and fauna.
Just a simple list of ideas - but with the warmth out, it's easier to come out of hibernation a bit and engage. This will pay off definitely for the warm weather but also give you some great memories and connections once the winter time comes around and you have to slow down a bit...

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