Thursday, April 17, 2014

So Much, So Good, So Often

Knows it's Good.
Too much time on the news perhaps but please, would everyone please stop carrying on like everything is just OK? Are we serious here... Look at this. Look at this! My god man, this whole civilization thing could be crumbling and we just carry on! We get the joy and pleasure of having all of the American cities where you can actually find a job dramatically rising in price and most folks utterly unable to afford them. How promising for our future...

Here, they're dumping out a whole reservoir of water in Portland because someone peed into it! All 38 million gallons because of a tiny bit of piss. Spiders lay a number of eggs in you while you sleep, you'll be fine drinking the damn water with a fraction of a percent of piss! I'll drink the pee! Don't flush the water especially on that coast because THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING! You need water to live. That's one of the criteria for being alive. Only .007% of the water on Earth is accessible for human use. This is and is going to continue to be an issue!

You also need food to live. But we did a great job in the U.S. of cutting SNAP benefits. Let's just take the food out of the people's mouths... that's how we've advanced over the years. Don't look at our tax policy or the fact that Apple just passes it's billions of wealth around like a goddamn hot potato so it can avoid an astonishing amount of it's tax burden! How noble of them! Let's just keep putting the squeeze on really a wide majority of our citizens that have been squeezed for so long and completely divest into funding anything that will allow us to function as a whole. What we need is more E-cigarettes, casinos and more types of shit ass social media. That'll make it all fucking better.

Let's not worry about starvation or the changing climate that scientists speculate will reduce our foot output by 2% each decade! No need to give a flying fuck about that because look... here is a new app called locket  where you get a PICTURE ON THE SCREEN OF YOUR PHONE WHEN ITS LOCKED. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED TO BE FOCUSING OUR ENERGY ON! That'll do it... Problem solved. Fuck. 

Again it's extra good when the rising food prices are combined with the lessened social supports for food, coupled with the continually fickle economy and growing disparity of wealth. These are winning combinations for a healthy everything. On some days, it seems like the only people that are on the right side are the motherfucking ostriches that we see on the T.

So please, let's just do each other a big one and not just carry on with business as usual because you can't do that when well, things are highly unusual. It's not genuine... and the saddest piece about this is how bad at doing a thing about anything we've become. That's what's sad.

So please, don't just carry on as usual. Take the steps, any steps, something to get us back into being able to carry on usual, cause we are  just getting further away each and everyday. 

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