Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dumber than Anything

Absolut Koch: Gettin' it while it's good

We're dumber than all fuck and just deserve a world of shit that we've sowed. Look, if we're going to release trillions of pounds of green house gasses into our atmosphere, our planet will warm and our climate will change. When our climate changes, it effect on our seasonal weather pattern.

Yes, it's called global warming, but it causes more erratic weather patterns, like the one's were having now. From Frontline:

Winters will likely get shorter as a result of climate change, Oppenheimer said. “On the other hand,” he said, “during the period when it is cold enough to snow, if you’ve got enough moisture in the air, you can get some wicked big snowstorms.”
Why does climate change lead to more moisture?
“The maximum amount of water vapor that can be present increases with increasing temperatures. That’s just a consequence of the laws of physics,” Broccoli said.
Global sea temperatures have gone up about one degree Fahrenheit since the 1970s because of human activity, said Kevin Trenberth, a distinguished senior scientist in climate analysis at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.
The higher sea temperatures lead to higher temperatures above the sea surface. That warmth moves throughout the year, and at this time of year, gathers off the East Coast.
“If we have a storm that’s developing, it reaches out as far as a thousand miles away and grabs the available moisture, and brings it into the storm so that it snows harder,” Trenberth said. “At this time of year, this is exactly what you expect.”
We love fossil fuels just so much. We use a lot of them. This is what happens when we keep ravaging everything on our planet... we get fucked. We are part of the biological world on this planet - we're not separate entities. Addressing climate change is something we should all be doing and it should inform much of our policy efforts. We certainly shouldn't be denying climate change for our own profit like these folks are (Micheal Crighton, David Koch).

People are preparing for zombies and not vaccinating their children. People are worried about sharks and scared of clowns in the street. The woods are dangerous, so are swimming pools, so is walking home from school. Don't exert yourself too hard now. Don't switch to renewable energy even if it's more cost effective. Heck, nuclear energy sounds scary, so don't use that (we probably should be...).

Let's just keeping fucking up the world we live in and NOT ACTUALLY FEAR THE CHANGING CLIMATE THAT IS DOOMING OUR FUTURE ABILITY TO HABITATE THIS PLANET. Pay no attention to rising sea levels when so many of our major population centers are on the coast. Who cares about more erratic weather patterns when our system of agriculture has evolved to function with regular seasonality. And drinking water? Who needs drinking water? They're selling Yuengling at the corner store now...

That's exactly how we thrive as a populace, just being afraid and reactive of stupid things versus actually taking action against the real and logical threats that are looming. Great job.


Ryan D said...

I like your passion. To be honest, theres a lot I do not know about this topic. I do know negative things are happening because of our choices thus far. I do know things need to change. And, I think by the time we get them changed there’s going to be some damage that we have done. That is already the case I assume, and hear.

I think with this issue we are going to have to be creatively developing all sorts of things to get clean energy in place, in it’s fullness.

I definitely believe I need to learn more about this topic.

DefEnjoyment said...

Thanks for the comment Ryan. It's definitely an important topic to learn about. One decent place to do this is this website here:

Climate change is not a phenomenon that intuitively makes sense. Some of the variation in our weather (the immense amount of snow we've gotten) in New England, can be attributed to ice caps melting and our warming planet. That's a tricky thing to understand. But is'a a scary thing that's happening certainly and good to understand so we can support policy that will address these issues.