Saturday, November 28, 2015


This is all pretty scary. The world in which we live is just becoming an increasingly frightening one. The fact that we are closing in on the point of no return of a changing climate, the rise and impact of ISIS, the lessening of economic opportunity - it's all more than I ever remembering our society having to deal with at once.

I hone in again and again and come back to this idea that we don't really know how to behave socially with one another and this is a big fundamental reason as to why things have gotten so bad. We don't talk with one another as much, we've lost our venues for civil society, we've lost the chances for people to connect, engage and organize. 

We got past the gilded age when people organized. Today, we're doing this less and less. It's  amazing when it does happen.

We're just lost - ill footed - lacking in any real meaning - unable to contribute anything meaningful or do something that helps makes others feel good.

We can't take care of the world in which we live and this has led to the awful of state of things.